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another brush question

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I just can't find it on the forum or the internet. What is the difference between all the Purdy Models. Some are self-explanatory, but I'm mainly asking about the difference between the Swan and the Sprig. Both have the beaver-tail handles, and "square shaped" ferrule and bristles. my guess is the sprig is a little stiffer than the swan or something like that? any input? Even the Purdy website couldnt help me. Also, I was just reading the old venetian plaster thread. I would love to practice this art at home, are there any good books on building small lath, and application? What are good trowels to use? Lowes ok? Ive bought plenty of bad brushes from there, so I don't know. I don't do any drywall work so I don't have any of those kinds of trowels. Thank you for my future replies. happy weekend
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Fail to notice this thread is almost 4 yrs old?

you caught me:blink:
bikerboy said:
The Sprig has a round edge ferrule, the Swan has a square edge ferrule. The Swan "style" is listed as varnish and enamel. The Sprig's "style" is listed as Sash tools, trim-straight. Virtually the same brushes.
I use the sprig as a sash tool int doors, jambs, windows, base board ect.

The Swan is a block brush I use it for walls and ext. trim fascia, barge boards, chair rails, corner boards ect.
The thing about brushes for me is how much different each style works. I haven't used every brush out there, but I have a few favorites at the moment.

Latex Brushes/All 3"

I reach for the Purdy Nylox "Moose" and "Bow" for residential walls/ceilings when I need thick coverage. The XL series "Bow" is great for cutting flat paint in same color schemes like apartment re-paints. It doesn't hold as much paint, making it lighter and quicker for me.

The Wooster line of brushes continues to impress me. The Ultra/Pro firm "Mink" is also great for interior flat when I need it to hold more paint than the Purdy XL. It's a good ext. brush also. Probably the most versatile brush in my lineup.

Wooster U/P firm and extra firm "Sable" more than do there job when speed is needed more than coverage (especially with glossy paints), or doing ext. trim. They just hold there shape because of the firm bristles.

My new go to trim brush may very well be the Silver Tip flat sash/long handle. I just picked one up, looking for something softer but able to hold its shape. It was a short test, but it held some paint, applied it smooth and cut in some baseboard lip, holding it's shape pretty good. We'll see when I give it another go Monday in trim paint all day.:yes:
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I am stuck on the Corona chinex 2 1/2" sash......squeeze a wedge of lime on it and your good to go :thumbsup:
What is the difference between the glide and pip brushs?
I may not be correct here, but I think 'pips' are the oval shaped ones.
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