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another pricing thread . . . pressure washing

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Not to start another pricing thread, but I am considering starting a PW division. There seems to be the need for it as there is no one else in my area offers it. I have two great people to run it, the capitol to buy the equipment, and the other means to do it. The only thing is before I can figure out a pricing structure or figure out how long it will take to see a return on the investment I was hoping to get a ball park figure for washing exteriors of homes. I figure that I would be pretty well set if I could charge 35 cents per square foot (not subtracting anything) for just washing, 50 cents per square foot for house, windows, and gutters. An average 2000 sq ft house would be $700 for the wash, $1000 for the whole package. Is this way more than people would be willing to pay? Or is it not enough? Just looking for some ball park figures because frankly I have no idea on pricing PW.
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That doesn't sound to bad
But I'm (as always) wary of the sq. ft. pricing
A 1/2 dozen dormers or gables and a wood shingle roof...or simple access due to trees/height/slope or house position and you could be eating it pretty quickly

Would you be able to add fudge factors if need be?
Or would it be a strictly winsome/losesome deal?
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