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Answering services / 800 #'s

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Does anyone here use an answering service? or have an 800 #?
It's getting to the point where I can't answer my cell phone during the day,
It doesn't sound to professional for me to answer the phone anymore, when
I'm up on a ladder or have a caulking gun in one hand and a glob of putty in the other. I have always used my cell number for all my business stuff, But would like to have a 800 # or an answering service. I do not have a home phone to hook up to an answering machine. Any suggestions?
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We have the Australian equivelent of a 800#, it forms a major part of our Virtual Office. This service directs calls to relevant departments eg accounts, works as an answering service and has the option of forwarding messages via email or text.

Its easy to scale as the company grows, saves time, looks proffesional and i think its worth the cost.
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