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antiqued look with gelstain

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Went and looked at an 8000 square foot new home build by a successful drywall contractor. He is sick of doing the painting and he has been experimenting with a faux finish in a book that has a base coat, a glaze coat ragged off, and then some mahogany minwax gelstain rubbed over it to accent the stipple and give it a antiqued look. Seems to me like a gelstain is a terrible choice for this because a) it stays kind of sticky and might rub funny if it gets bumped
and b) needs to get topcoated with some poly. But then what if you want to paint the wall again?
It just seems like not a good choice for this application. Is there anything better that might work? I was thinking just do a really thinned glaze and kind of wipe on wipe off. Obviously we will experiment with it before we tackle the wall.
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You can mimic an antiqued stained look with a glaze and glaze extender. Multiple ways to technique it aswell, blended with a rag, woolie or neon-leon. Use a 2 pass techique; a base coat in the tone, glaze with a burnt sienna or raw umber.
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