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Any advice on how to be a successful employer?

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Hi, can anyone pass along good tips and advice re; How to be successful at being an employer?
I'm in a position where I have enough leads to employ a painter and a helper.

I'm dragging my heels a bit though as in the past I employed a couple of painters, one ended up with a crack cocaine habit and the other was ok.

I had a guy lined up a few weeks back, he called me the night before to confirm that we were still on for the next day and then didn't show up?

If I work on my own then there's less hasle, but of course less potential for earning more money.

I'm thinking that if I can get things off on a good footing, then the feeling would be a good one and success breeds success.

Where as if I get off to a bad start, then it becomes 'just another pain in the neck' I'll probably backtrack and end up working on my own again.

Please pass on your experiences and advice.

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Great advice from Tony. When you get a good one, be loyal to him and take care of him (or her). One thing that has worked great for me is to pay monthly bonuses based on performance. I accrue 5% from the labor of every job and give it to the crew leader as a bonus. If they get a callback, it comes out of his 5%. Gives him good incentive to do things right. The leader of my best crew got almost $1000 in May above and beyond his salary.
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