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Any product suggestions

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Was here yesterday The trim is simply brown paint, but the overhang is polyurethane. Strip the overhang completely?

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If the overhang is getting painted, you can sand, prime, paint. And might not even need to sand. I would use a primer/sealer as well. If it's staying clear, a simple sanding with a random orbital or something similar should be fine, then recoat. I don't see the need to strip completely.
That's what I wanted to hear Rich, thanks.
They do want it to stay clear, but I'm not sure a simple sanding will do.
I'd like the color to be uniform when i'm done without stripping it.

I need to get this bid in, and stripping vs. a simple sanding is a big difference.

Keep in mind, there is a reason for the discoloration you are seeing. It is likely waterstaining coming from inside the soffet. I'd bet a wooden nickle that those soffet boards are not sealed on the backside. Soffets by nature hold alot of humidity and moisture, it settles on the backside and works through, creating stains. Its possible that this will be a perpetual condition over time.
So if the water stain has seeped all the way through the wood, then sanding/stripping it all the way down then refinishing may not change it's appearance?
Or even if it does, it will be short lived.
Great advice Scott, Thanks!
Wanted a better angle than what I had before I got back to them.
I like this house and think it will look fantastic with a new color, maybe a couple bushes too. Great neighborhood to hang a sign, thanks again

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