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anyone in chattanooga?

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I'm in Chattanooga doing mostly pressure washing and staining with the random small paint job here and there but recently I've been getting more calls on larger painting jobs and I'm looking at different options for handling them. I'm not sure I want to venture into painting so fully so let me know if you're in Chattanooga and would be interested in having some work subbed to you. My largest concern at this point is blowing bids (undercharging) if I and my guys do the painting and if we sub it out, I'll be concerned with the quality of work and keeping my customers happy and impressed, so I'll want references and the general peace of mind that you know more about painting than I do. Let me know if you're interested.

John Simpson
[email protected]
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Theres an ol boy down the road that knows them hills down there. hes only got one eye and had his tounge bit off in a fishin accident, but he can paint real good! I use him from time to time,
Wish I had been looking around here more often. I had a job a couple of months ago powerwashing whole house(2 story, about 2800 sq. ft.) and deck(about 1000 sq. ft.). I priced it but was probably way to high. I dont do pw but times were slow and needed to keep my guys busy. We should get together and see if we can network and refer each other for jobs or give each other jobs they dont want or cant handle.
If the price is right i could make the 2hr trip
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