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can't say I have...Home Depot is a swear word as far as I'm concerned

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Home Depot is Evil
...and their paint is a product of Hell
But their de-spec'd Purdy brushes are...well...they suck...
...and they disco'd their contractor sales division (yes I know they may still have the check out, and maybe the desk, but the division as a stand-alone was tanked), that's even suckier


On top of that, I wouldn't trust an HD store employee to tell me where the bathroom is
So...I guess the online resource is a big naaaahhhhhh

Thanks for the tip though


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lol, thanks for the information.

Well how about the other site I have listed. I am sure there are many other organizations that offer these sites of benefits. If you have/are using them, can you provide a link and provide some info if it has helped you or not.

ps... seeing as people find HD evil, I'll remove that link. Don't want to give them backlinks to help them out. lol
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