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Im in the mix of redsigning my links page to make it look appealing and would like to fill up the entire page of painting contractors or home improvement professionals.

My link pages are

From what I understand site linking and exchange is good when the links have related content so for us painters and other professionals to exchange links could help our page rank with google and pick up a few clients along the way.

So anyone who wants to trade links post the code here or email me your info at [email protected]

Here is my code:

<a href="" Target="_blank"><b>Interior Exterior Home Painters and House Painting Services by Jaworski Coatings</b></a>Interior Exterior Painting, Cabinet Refinishing, Log Home Restoration, Commercial Painting Contractors.

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Just a bit of clarification for you. Not all links are equal in the eyes of google. It is unknown how many, but to many outgoing links on a single page is link farming. Which is not only frawned upon by google, it can be punished by them. AKA; lower ranking, even black listing at the most extreme.

Out going links from your website to other websites that have nothing to do with the theme of your website rank much lower in google link popularity. But links to(incoming) and from(outgoing) your site. Where the websites that are linked together have very similar themes will have their links viewed upon with more favorable eyes from google and other search enegines as well.

Here is an example of more favorable incoming link to your website: Lets say I have a website. And that website is called ... Inside my site, on a page, I decide to do an interview about some Akron painters. I find your site contact you and ask for a Q&A via email from you. You agree. I send you the mail with the questions, to answer them and use the reply feature on your email. I use the Q&A to make the content of that website page.

At the end of the article I say something like - I want to personally thank Jaworski Coatings Inc. for taking the time to do our interview. If you'd like to visit their website and / or need a quality painter here is a link for you

That kind of linking is what google likes to see 1-3 links per page not farms. Its important to mention that most people get confused with who google views as its customers. be that the free ranking and listings or their adwords PPC. The websites that rank and return as search results and their PPC advertisers or not googles customers.

The web surfer is. Google is on top because they constantly look for the most relevent and informational resource (website) and rank those results to provide the surfer with the highest value information. based on their search terms.

All in all Matt your site looks pretty good. I'm not trying to offend you. Just helpful. If I did offend you I am truly sorry
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