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Application for aluminum siding

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I've got a small office building very close to a busy road. I'm sure if I sprayed it, it would leave the best look on this aluminum though it's not a ton of paintable area and its to close for comfort on passers by. My question is how do you think this will look if I brush and roll using maybe a 3/8" nap? 2 coats of Duration and of course powerwash first.
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I have rolled them and laid off with a brush and looked great.
I have to say if you were painting under warranty? then the consumer was not paying you?
In my experience with painting the few I have done it was because you had a comsumer that was too cheap to replace there siding to begin with. Siding was way to faded and from the 50's and looked fine after brushed and rolled but in the end should been replaced with higher grade vinyl oout today or cement type product or even cedar.

As for cars certainly no one is going to brush and roll a car, there two different elements not apple to apples there.
I totally agree that a sprayed finish is nice, my point is no matter what color you paint it, 1950's siding looks like 1950's siding... Some things go out out of style.. and most around here have had some type of ding, dent, scratch etc... I know those can be fix also... But come one... Styles change... I would say most who paint thee aluminum siding are doing to save money over replacing..
The job looks great Primerguy... but like you said the wider planks are what makes it out dated. Just not not my style...

I am sure tho the owner was happy with the increase in market value!
Hey Primer, I am looking to get Peel bond this year and use it on some trouble spots I have at town home complex. Do you have anyone who stocks it in or near my zip which is 60447 or in the job zip 60108


Primer, thanks for the info. I am not a SW guy but I will into getting it there and see what they can do for me.
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