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applying poly to new floor

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Hey guys, whats up?.. I am finishing a 300 square foot southern yellow pine floor for the first time. Just a question for the table- Would you use a brush, lambs wool applicator, and/or both? I have not used the lambs wool before. I am thinking the size of the floor might not warent the lambs wool. I am also thinking about using minwax fast dry poly for floors. Any other suggestions? Thanks :drink:
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Minwax makes a good stain but the poly is very thin. I would use old masters oil based floor and trim varnish. cut the first coat with vmp naptha 10%. I have it on my kitchen floor it still looks good. MOPAINT
Good tip on the water based applicator. I have had trouble with lambswool shedding as well. MOPAINT
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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