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AquaGlo -vs- Satin Impervo

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In my quest to broaden my painting ability and products offered I would like to add a Latex Trim pait to my arsenal. I am a single worker and do trim only and 99% BM Dulamel and Satin Impervo (Oil). I have tried the Latex Satin Impervo and even with Floetrol I still have very fine brush strokes. Is the AquaGlo is similar or better than the Satin Impervo?
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The brush marks are very similar to the grooves on a record (vinyl) very fine. Is this similar to what you guys are getting, or are you smoother? I am going to test the AquaGlo and Impervo side by side when I get a chance; hopefully in the next few days.
I am near Seattle and there is not a Muralo dealer in the state. I brushed a flat door with some AquaGlo earlier and it came out okay. I utilized the "brush it, don't touch it" style. I am going to sand and second coat in the a.m.
...just kidding!

What brush are you using?
I used a Purdy Nylox Sprig.
The BM site says the Semi-Gloss aka Aquaglo is an enamel nd states one of its uses as trim pait. Is the enamel a misnomer? Does the enamel name mean that it will harden better than others in their line? Is this just a wallpaint that people use on trim? I lie it better than the Satin Impervo far as brushstrkes and ease of use; I just don't want to use a product that is infrior.
You would think with the term enamel in its name the AquaGlo would dry harder than regular wall paint. I do now that I like the workability of the AquaGlo over the Impervo but don't want to sacrifice durability.
2nd coat is when Aqua glo really looks great. Lots of guys won't do the 2nd coat, but that is what will sell your business.
I like the AquaGlo with 2 coats; looks better than the Impervo IMO.

DW, I have 2 GSP's--Stanley and Sophie--that's my user name. Best bird dogs and pets in the world; too much personality. This is my second pair. Love 'em.
Not a problem slick. Was AquaGlo BM's trim paint pior to the waterbourne Impervo?
If we we weren't using an oil then yes
But back in the day we mostly used oil for trim
I love oil; I think I can grow to love AquaGlo.
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