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Article in Aussie Painting Contractor

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I have written this article for the Aussie Painting Contractor on page 41. I hope you enjoy reading it.
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Very cool article. I have actually taken alot of heat, had alot of people in my home town make fun of me and look down at me for becomming a painter. I think their perception of success is pretty sad, the cars, what your title is, the home you live in, the clothes you wear, who you know, what company you work for.

To be completely honest i struggled with it for a bit, it really bothered me. 95% of the kids i went to high school with all went to college, alot of them are graduating now. Know some that have 100k plus in student loans and make less in a year than i pulled down in two months with my biz. Same guys that put me down 3 years ago.

I dont live for money, i could really care less about driving nice cars or owning a huge house, working for a big company has never been an interest. So much of my generation looks at trades as being menial, easy or underskilled with no career here in the states. At least in my expierences. Its interesting to read about stories in other parts of the world
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