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Asbestos Siding

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Did a proposal today on a house that may have asbestos siding. Doing some research and most info talks about removal procedure. Just want to pressurewash and sand a few spots. Siding is in pretty good shape. Not sure of the age yet. Sweet little old lady, she took me to basement and showed me the 4 gallons of paint and paintbrushes she bought on sale a year ago, said I was welcome to use any of it!
Talked to SW, they don't carry test kit, looked online, found info that says a certified person has to collect and send in to proper lab. And that only applies to contractors removing it.
I am off to do some more research, just wanted to get you guys started!
I am sure when I come back Timhag will have the proper link!:thumbup:
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Good Lord don't sand it!!!!
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