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Aura Extender

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Anyone have any experience with this product? I have a job where HO wants Aura semi used for the trim. I was wondering if it will be necessary to use it and/or if it is better than XIM and Floetrol. Necessary meaning that Aura is not compatible with XIM or Floetrol. I am not the fastest brush in town so I know I will have to use something. Mysearch came up with a tiny bit of info on the subject.
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I am slow with the brush. Like a herd of turtles. I found the open time on the semi to be much more user friendly than on the aura satin, which we had used on trim a few times. The semi is a much better trim product.
How would you say it stacks up (Aura semi) to WB Satin Impervo? The Impervo with no slicker is my speed limit; faster than that and it is going to get real ugly.
I used the Aura extender with satin interior Aura today. It worked great. I compared it side by side with Waterborne Impervo and liked it better than Waterborne impervo. Flowed out better. It looks like I have a favorite new interior trim paint.
Could you elaborate a bit on the Aura Extender? Is it an extender only or a conditioner also? Was your comparison to WB Imp without an additive in the Impervo?

Did you try the Aura without the extender?

I am salivating for more info..........wait........just drool...asleep on keyboard.
Thanks for the info Dean. I will probably pick up a gallon and experiment too.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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