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Has any one tried tried that new Aora paint made by Ben Moore. It's a bit expensive but saved a ton of time.

I did 3 rooms this weekend. Walls were a 2base brown and it covered in one coat with a few touch ups. The higher sheens touch up like flat paint where you can go back and retouch.

I did the trim in the Aora one coat in white and used the Moresco flat white for the ceilings. I saved a ton of time in labor:) .

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Has any one tried tried that new Aora paint made by Ben Moore. .
Oh Boy....hear we go again. My Brother, try doing a search b 4 asking q's. If there is something you cannot find, then you may post. There is soooooo much info on this site, i can guarantee 9 out of 10 thoughts that you have about questions you want to ask here you will find in a search. Not trying to be a tuff guy, just trying to help you find your way.:thumbsup:

Welcome to the site.

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slickshift said:
Yeah, the stuff's Da Shiznit
Completely awesome, extremely low odor, extreme hide, no primer, no burnish, no surfactant leaching, super quick drying, super scrubble, super touch-upable, mongo durable, incredible finishing money maker in a can
So...I guess I think it doesn't suck

I don't use that crappy pad they recommend. Get better coverage with a 50/50 3/8ths nap pad.
Now I did not have good success with (one of my favorites) the 50/50
In fact, I did not even finish the wall with it when I tested it
I felt the Aura cover was better
Though the White Doves work great too
I haven't found what I feel to be the "best" yet

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I'll trade pads with ya!.....kidding. I kept the BM cover and might try it again, but like you I was part way through the wall and switched, just to the opposite cover.
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