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Aura spray and back roll

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Hi All,

I have not used Aura as of yet (mostly SW and a few others) and I have been reading about Aura's dry time. Normally for most clients we spray and backroll. It seems from what I can read on BM site this will work fine, but am slightly nervous because of dry time.

So, how many out there have sprayed and backrolled and what were your results?

For those that have used Aura quite a bit, have you found just rolling 2 coats is better (though more time then spray/backroll?) or really I am asking what you feel is best way to apply.

Also have potentially a new client that wants me to paint prior to any trim work being up. This would mean I would not have to cut in first. But after trim is up, I will need to touch up around trim, so can I get good results cutting in "AFTER" trim is up.

Thanks and appreciate your replies.

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are you kidding me to thick to spray? , thin out? , buy a good sprayer and spray away. keep in mind cutting in with a brush over a spray finish is hard to blend and after the trim guys and carpet layers beat up the walls there will be a lot of marks every where maybe spray and back roll 1st coat let trim go up and cut and roll 2nd coat it works well for me
good luck
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