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Awkward situation..... need suggestions!

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Recently, I painted all the windows, doors, and garage door for my best friends mom! I gave her the estimate and she accepted all the terms. On the day that I finished the job, she owed me $2100.00 and paid me $1600.00 of it and asked if she could send me a check for the balance in 2 weeks.
The 2 week check deadline was the 7th of June, and I still have not received anything.
I did send her a friendly reminder last Wednesday just to touch base just in case she forgot. This is one of those situations we all hate because as we all know business is business, but friends and business are a whole other deal!

Any suggestions would help greatly!

Thanks!!!!! Jeff
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I would kindly explain the situation with your friend, maybe he knows what's up with her & can help get it worked out. I know if my friend said my mother owed him $500, I'd cough it up for him & have a chat with mom later on about her paying me back. :thumbup:
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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