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bad taper/mudder help

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need some advice we are doing a high end new home
the h.o is running it so there is no control on trades quality right now (except for painter of course)problem is the taper did such a bad job ie unsanded patches everywhere tape line showng couple of ceiling ones split joint s starting to bulge .all the sanding has deep scratches marks
we showed the ho this stuff and said it needed to be fixed before we will put any finish coat on
the taper said it was the painters job to fix this stuff
well after a profanity laced conversation lol he said he would fix if they paid him more h.o. agreed to (dumbasses)
question is how can we cover our asses on this i dont want to put finish on and have them say fix this or that
what kind of document and what would you put down on it to make the ho agree that they are satisfied with the walls (tapers job)and wont hold us liable for anything they dont like (we will fix what we can but not at the expense of losing money or man hours for free)
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If you get it worked out where you want to do it, it may be useful to take some photos of the walls and ceilings before you prime. It is impossable to hide bad finishing with paint, if you have a screwed up finishing job, it will show up in your walls, no matter how good you paint it. If they get it acceptable (sounds like it needs another coat to me) a high build primer back rolled with at least 3/4" knapp will help. I wouldn't try to get by with just spraying primer and not back rolling it, not on walls that are allready less than good and allready under the magnifying glass. Good Luck and let us know how it comes out. I hate it when finishers do that kind of stuff gives us all a hard time and a bad name.
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