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Basement floor

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So, here I am wanting to seal/paint my basement floor and I'm trying to figure out what to use. I'm using SW products (yes that's my final answer). My issue is which one? Come to find out they offer a big variety of masonry products. I've used Loxon and H&C, but none of the others they offer.

My basement floor: I ripped up the old carpet/plastic barrier/wood subfloor that was smelly and come to find out...moist. Now the floor is down to bare concrete. I want to seal it with the best SW product for the job. There is no efflorescence (thank the Lord) in sight. No moisture problems once the floor was all ripped up. I've been running the dehu for a couple weeks now. I was told H&C would work and was also told Sher-crete is more durable. I was browsing the SW site and there are some pretty heavy duty high performance products they offer as well. I want to use a superior product, one that may even be overkill (must be the painter in me). Any feedback on these products if you've used them would be very appreciated. Thanks
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I'd call Wolvie
Why do you think I said I'd call Wolvie?
Lol (but really, I'd call you)
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