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I feel for ya @Holland

About 15 years ago we were hired to do a big condo complex in Lincoln City, OR. Hadn't been painted in about 20 years, and the highest portions around back hadn't been painted in over 30 years because of bats. We were even warned about the bats by nearly every tenant we saw for all 3 weeks we were there.
Nobody on the crew wanted to go up to spray the high side because of it, (which means I got to do it). Standing on the third-to-top wrung of a 40'er...knees literally shaking in soon as I sprayed the gap between the soffit and the gutter.... AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dropped the gun, grabbed the outside of the wrungs with my hands & feet, and did a fireman-slide all the way down, (screaming like a stuck pig the entire time). Not joking when I say the sky was dark for a good 30 seconds while thousands upon thousands came rushing out of there. On my face, on my chest, etc. Not my proudest moment.

The only thing we usually see behind shutters are wasps nests though. Bats would add a whole new level of suck.
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