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Ben Moore survey

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At Benjamin Moore, we are always looking for better ways to
provide value to our paint contractors, and we've created this
brief survey as part of that effort. We're interested in learning
what you think about working as a paint contractor, how can we
better communicate with you, and what additional services and
programs you might be interested in.

We'll be using the responses from this survey and other sources
over the next few weeks as we work on new ideas for programs for
contractors like you.

One of our marketing partners, Integer Group, will be handling
all of the responses. Your name will not be attached to your
responses, and the results will be looked at in combination with
everyone's responses, so please answer openly.

Thank you for participating in this short survey, and thank you
for using Benjamin Moore paints.
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Would be nice if they offered Health Care, wouldn't mind checking out the rates.
They just sent it to me...thought I'd share.
:thumbsup:Thanks for sharing, took the survey and submitted it.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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