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Hey fellow painters. I have been painting for 3 years. I started my company SwiftPaints 1 year ago under a DBA.
I am currently working under big landscaping and custom patio companies to generate free leads.
Mostly exterior and subcontracting isn't too bad, however, I'm breaking even with no profit what so ever.
I am looking for clients of my own so I can start generating profit and GROW!
Door to door only gets me minor jobs that handymen can do...
I've tried robo calls, but they just give you older folks who may or may not want actual work done.
I hear Google is a top pick for people in our profession and apparently yelp is a scam.
Would anyone know the best ad marketing strategy for us?

also on generating some profit.
What is the % markup on projects usually?
I hear you are suppose to do 50%
every time I get close to it, I never get a confirmation on the job.
is it that I need to take some sales classes to help seal the deal?

Thank you for reading. I hope some feedback can help ease my mind and screw my head back on my shoulders.

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I don't have much time today and answers to this common subject (regardless of the type of small business) could go on for hours but I would say this:
1. Become familiar with Google, FB and NextDoor. They return the most bang for the buck. But with that said, you need to be able to write some ad copy. Mimic the ads you see for other trades.
2. Know your numbers or you will spin in circles. Look at Nick Slavic's "Ask a Painter Live" series of videos. This a a successful contractor that openly shares business info you need to know. There are others here that will give you sound advice. Listen & learn.
Congratulations on your new endeavors!!
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