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Best coatings to use for kitchen remodeling.

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We are remodeling a couple of kitchens and just wanted to get some expert advice. What coatings do you recommend for the walls and ceilings and why. What finish for the paint and what primer for the bare drywall? Thanks.
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It's pretty open there ultimate
Pretty much as open as "what's the best paint" type of question
Once you are into the premium product lines from BM, SW, P, C...etc...then it's a Ford/Chevy/import thing

Go with something washable

If there's mold/mold issues or customer concerns about washing, use a K&B

Depends on the customer, really

Primer too...just use the premium primer from whichever brand paint you are going to use

Unless there are specific issues to address, real or customer imagined, it's pretty open
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Wow...I have not used semi-gloss on a wall in....well...over 15 years anyway
I'm not saying it's wrong, it does clean up well... it's just I haven't seen that in ages
...except to paint over it anyway
Is that a regional thing or something?
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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