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Best/Easiest No-Rinse Cleaners?

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Most of my cleaning involves rinsing off the cleaner.
Was wondering about cleaners and situations where that rinsing is unnecessary.
Supposedly, Krud Kutter, Dirtex, and some TSP substitutes don't need rinsing. What's your experience?
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Thanks for the suggestions.

I use TSPE and ... I'll keep some MH ....
Is TSPE any TSP substitute, or a specific one? And I'm scratching my head trying to figure out which cleaner MH stands for. It'ill probably occur to me as soon as I hit "Post reply".
Ah, ok. It appears Methyl Hydrate is the Canadian term for Methyl Alcohol, or Methanol. I do use Denatured Alcohol for some cleaning, but it's not as potent a solvent as mineral spirits. But mineral spirits seems to leave a bit of a residue I would be leery of trying to paint over with waterbased paints.
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