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Best time for a weekly chat?

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I installed the chat room last night and I was thinking we should pick one time during the week when everyone tries to meet up and discuss things.

So.. any ideas?

Once we set a time I'll post it somewhere on the site so people know when to join in.

Thanks :thumbsup:
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I was thinking an evening during the week but I'm open to suggestions. Anyone else?
I suspect a weekday evening would be best for most
yea, that's what I thought as well.
Tue or Wed evening would work for me, the wife works 2nd shift those nights.
Those times work for me... we will see how others respond.
maybe we should decide by a poll
Or maybe it will just start to happen naturally. I'll let people use the chat room a bit and see what they think. Then maybe we can set a time.
I don't want to force anything.

Maybe we should start with a Q/A with a guest of some sort. Suggestions?
Thats a good idea.
I too am hit and miss in the evenings but will keep an eye out.
The nice thing is that a little number shows up next to the "Chat Room" link on the navigation bar when someone is in the room. That way you know when someone is in there instead of having to check over and over again.

In the evening if you jump in for about 5 or 10 mins on a lot of times people will see you and jump in as well.
cool... I'm usually on late... after the wife and kids are asleep...
Yea, me too. And with me being on CST that usually means 10:00EST.
1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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