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Big Ceiling

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I have to estimate a job that requires me to spray a 10,000 sq foot ceiling, it's not flat it's industriual meaning it has all the vent pipes etc. I have sprayed ceilings of this kind before but never had to estimate it. I'm thinking using a dryfall but I need a secure number that i can give without worrying about loosing money, I was thinking 2.50sq foot what do you guy think.
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SF/amount you can cover per hour = hours
hours x $ per hours = amount to charge for man hours

you have to play with variable like number of workers, variables like lifts,
scaffolding, supplies, other O/H items.

you can modify the above formula to be

SF/amount you can cover per hour = hours
$ per manhour Plus O/H expenses, supplies, etc. = cost to operate per hour

hours to do job x $ cost to operate per hour
= what you need to charge (minimum)
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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