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Window fan

I used bin shellac primer to seal the cigarette smell in the dry wall. I applied two layers of the primer at around 55 f to 60 f. The next day, I applied top paint which is Benjamin Moore regal select. However I found the smell from the BIN primer does not reduce over time. Now I have complaining customers. What should I do now? Will the smell go away eventually after they turn on heat in the house?
I did a nicotine seal job last June. I washed everything first with chemicals designed to remove odors. Lilpaintchic told me that the nicotine smell will eventually come back. That may be the case, but I will probably not find out from that job. After cleaning we applied 2 coats of Kilz Max. I put a powerful fan in a window to either blow air out or suck it in depending on where I wanted the fumes from the KM to go as well as to help dry the primer faster.

Hands down, if I were applying BIN I would use a window fan if at all possible and make sure that the BIN got thoroughly dried before I either recoated it or painted over it. Oh, and did I forget to mention that a window fan can move the drying denatured alcohol in a direction away from your nose? I am a big fan of fans!

1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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