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Blacks shadows on walls

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did an estimate last weekend, the livingroom is an addition, cathedral ceilings, a few years old, everything is painted white.
On the walls there are black shadows outlining where the studs are, almost a perfect photo negative. Not every 4 feet where taped, but every 16 inches. What is it?
The black color made me think of mildew, but how and why? Didn't see any water stains.

any chance it's a recurring problem?
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Hey is the house heated?
Electric baseboard?
Forced air oil furnace?

If that's blow-back from an oil furnace episode, it's gonna be a wicket pissah to clean/cover
It could have been from years ago and still be there
It won't all cleaners just seem to make it mad
It will bleed through everything except BIN

I'm not saying it couldn't be them not trimming their candle wicks, or from a wood stove
I'm just saying it could be blow-back too, and treating blow-back lightly will not bite you in the butt, it will bite your butt clean off
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...a stain blocker primer like latex Kilz would be a safe bet.
That's the funniest thing I've read all week
I wouldn't bet on latex Kilz to block a mosquito fart
It's got great odds in the "Fall Off The Wall For No Particular Reason Championship Playoffs" though
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