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BNI ...Business Network Int'l ....any of you guys use it? Comments?
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Yeah we still use it to kill stains and such...I use to like it alot better back in the early 90s when it was a little more badass. :)
you asked for it.....DONKEY!!!!
I am sure it would be beneficial if you had the time. BNI is a big commitment that requires weekly meetings and referrals given to the group.
That's what I'm concerned about. And if it's worth the time.
Yes it is a committment mine meets every Thursday morning 7-8:30, it get in the way sometimes of other things I have to do but I'm also in the process of growing my business and I will take all the leads I can get- and I usually get a couple a week. I've only been in it for about 2 months but as I said its sending me in a direction to get things really happening for myself. Its definitly not for everyone though. A big part of it is also the group you find to join. Some are alot better than others.
Are they quality leads or is it people getting leads to meet a quota .... how many leads are you expected ro get? Have you had any "good" leads?
As corney as it sounds, you get out of it what you put into it. Members who give referrals are rememebered more frequently between meetings which in turn gets that member more leads. But don't go into it thinking "what will i get out of it" because you won't last 3 weeks. but BNI is the best form of marketing I've ever used
How long have you done it? How many in your chapter ...the ones I'm looking at range from 12-16 this average?
Your expected to bring one-more if you have them but you only need one. That can be the hard part but what I've found, atleast in this group I'm in, the people are pretty cool and I find it easy to pass there name to someone in need of there service. You dont have to say anything like--Hey this guys the best or anything just that he's in the business and maybe you'd like to give him a call. It comes easier with time. As I said I'm knew to it and getting alot of leads. Ask me again in 6 months. The way I look at it now is that I am in a group of 35- all from different fields of business who all know different kinds of people. Thats 35 salesmen for me during the week.
Sounds interesting..... I wish they were that size around here. Have you landed any work from it? Have you passed on any good leads for others?
I have recieved a ton of good leads from the BNI group. Friday I went to look at plans for a great commercial project, I was sent in the direction of a guy who does insurance work, which the really nice thing about that is people hire you to do more while your doing the insurance work for them- just put in a proposal for the exterior of a strip mall because the owner liked the work I did on the interior, and a handfull of interior repaints, smaller commercial projects and with exteriors right around the corner Im very optomistic.I only pass leads that are valid and I know could potentially do something for them. That way I feel they will do the same for me. I guess I could've made this alot shorter of an answer and just said yes.
Thanks APC! ...Great info ....
4 more brother, you gonna get yo shirt.
Tim ....have I told you how great you are lately?
2 more brother,,,,c'mon, you can do it!

had to do it...........
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