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Which do you wear and what kind?

I wear boots on commercial or wherever required. Die hards are standard, although I really like wolverines.

For shoes, I liked reeboks for years, but the good ones squeak, so I went with new balance the last two times. Now, I'm gonna try nike healthwalkers.
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I am a boot guy and will wear what's comfortable to allegiance to any brand. All tho price is not always an indication of comfort. I have spent a lot of money and been uncomfortable and spent little and have been comfortable.

I know a lot of guys wear gym shoes / sneakers / running shoes what ever we call them today and it drives me nuts. also the guys that don't wear whites.. But we have gone over that before in many threads and its my opinion that's all.
What boots do you find comfortable?

My feet used to be impervious to anything, but getting older they get flat and tired before the day is done unless there's a strong arch.
Not to mention the itchies that come with the desert heat. If I wear tennis shoes, they are always white with some blue. No whites on guys bugs me too, but I don't care what's on their feet as long as it's boots or white tennis shoes. I find tennis shoes to be more appropriate for interior repaints and boots for exterior or new construction. Even on new construction, I'll wear tennis shoes if I'm on the touch up crew.
Currently I am in 8 inch Herman Survivors I think Target or Walmart carries them 60$ they last a couple of years. I'll get em longer for around the house and dirty work. I don't have problem with them on ladders or repaints I will booties over them if I have too. I always ask my clients what there preference with the shoes before I work for them.

When I was younger always felt the most expensive boot was the way to go but they never lasted any longer then the cheaper ones.
Mak, are you doing any painting in those boots? I wouldn't last til lunch in them.

Screw it, I'm going back to plain thin leather, no padding whatsoever, no sox and painters shorts.:blink:
I hope that I am painting in them, I don't have another job that I am aware of. :)
Didn't know if you were "out of the bucket" or not.
Not sure, but didn't you say you used to be a carpenter?

These boots?
Nope never a carpenter.. Always a painter :thumbsup:
Nope never a carpenter.. Always a painter :thumbsup:
Here a picture of the boots


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Herman Survivors are a good cheap boot ... I like 3/4 hiking boots. Have a pair of Timberlands now. I need light weight shoes. Like Joe said ...Every day is a workout. No whites ....Painter Kahki shorts from Old Navy... I HATE whites ...Not allowed on my site whites or blue jeans.
Problem with Old Navy is they don't make the same shorts all the time they make what designers tell them what will be in for that year. The colors are different from year to year. They once had a very light gray which all most look like a natural painters pants that was washed a few times. I would accept that on my job.

Jeans no way go home! Not allowing whites? thats insane and a disrespect to the trade my friend. Must be an east coast thing... We all should be proud we have a trade that allows us to stand out and be different then all the other trades... Who can tell the difference between a carpenter, elec or plumber? but a painter/plasterer he has whites on..
Didn't know if you were "out of the bucket" or not.
Not sure, but didn't you say you used to be a carpenter or a GC?

These boots? They look like nice boots, man, you must be one tough dude.
Those must be the desert boots :)
I see a painter working in jeans the first thing I think of is low baller and probably driving a station wagon with a big cheap magnet sign on the side...

Most painters unfortunately are working for there bar tab... thats the nature of the trade we work in.
I work out of a wagon.... Ford Escort and wear jean shorts. I pull a trailer too with those cheap SW signs screwed to the side (I'll put up a pic soon)... No low baller here, I just put my money in other places ( Family of 8 ) than the automobile. Responsibility and quality of work doesn't have to show in the rig you drive. :) But unfortunately this society in America judges by the cover of a book and doesn't read the inside. Therefor I land a few less jobs in the higher end market because of my values in family rather than Business because my RIG doesn't meet the standard of the wealthy.... Sad, sad, sad... For me: God First, Family second, Business third....

My rig is a dodge truck, buy them used. Have over 140k on it, has paint on it, no fancy decals or lettering other then name and number on back door of cap. But here to see a ford wagon pulling a trailer? yea that would be a problem for most contractors.. and yes its sad that society dictates that.

I would assume you have 6 kids? in a family of 8? thats an expensive endeavor in todays world, I wish you luck.. I have one starting college next year and two behind her that will follow right behind her in college.. Thats why I set up accounts for them when they were young. Its not all of it but at least a few years at a state school.

For me my friend family first job second... there's enough people out there that have thier gods... and they can have em as far as I'm concerned.
Prejudgement sucks is correct, and I was there in my 20's starting out on my own with nothing and I learned the hard way that image has a lot to do with all the trades not just painting. I made a hard effort to change my image, charge correctly and look professional and it work out for me, for the most part... but again I know that I do not have the fanciest set up out there, there are way more flashier guys then me thats for sure.

As for whites I have said it before its my opinion I am not out to change the world, whites in this area represent painters and I am proud to be one. If I could wear jeans out east so be it.
I guess technically I don't where whites, I prefer natural color painters paints they are white after few washes :) The naturals you can not see thru as much as whites, and I stay away from ****ies I think there's better pants out there


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Thats a spiffy shirt MAK ...your wearing cufflinks? :whistling2:
can't say I ever wore that shirt...
I don't know MAK, that maybe a little TOO neat. At least make it look like you've applied some paint before. Don't know if I would have too much confidence in someone wearing ironed underwear
That picture is from the pants companies web site, I was showing that they are natural and not white. I would hope that I don't look like the knucklehead thats in the picture
Ooooops, were we talking about

PAINTER'S uniform

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PAINTED uniform:

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Arch which one are you ??? ;)
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