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Which do you wear and what kind?

I wear boots on commercial or wherever required. Die hards are standard, although I really like wolverines.

For shoes, I liked reeboks for years, but the good ones squeak, so I went with new balance the last two times. Now, I'm gonna try nike healthwalkers.
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Hey man, your gonna get that one dudes shorts in a knot! hell be tellin ya to go to a boot/shoe site to talk bout anyhow, I like somthin really light, no deep treds that bring in little rocks and such. so smooth soles are cool, cheap wallmart/ with the gellin thing in them, works for me.
I like to paint in those flashing sneakers. It averts the customers eyes from the job i just done.
i"ve forgotten my whites a few times and didn't feel like a decorator. I can't think of anything worse than a guy painting in black tracksuit bottoms, which is what some young guys wear, over here.

1 - 2 of 80 Posts
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