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Brush strokes

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Why is it that when cutting in, sometimes I can see where I lifted the brush from the paint. Is this from thick paint, stiff brush, or color on wall being a different tint or color. Sometimes it seems like more than one. Maybe it's just my technique? This happened the other day with the lowes wooster brush, but I've seen it when applying duron weathershield outdoors too. Sometimes the strokes dry in and you cant see it, sometimes it needs another coat and I can still pick out where the brush was lifted from the wall. Whats up with this?
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thanks for the replies. i think im going to try the flotrol. it seems to be more of a paint issue, paint being thick from being left in their van or house overnight, being really cold outside. will water have the same thinning affect as flotrol?
Well, the thing is, we do mostly repaints of rental units. Apts. condos, duples, so we take all of our equipment home even if we are coming back the next morning so it doesn't get stolen(and we've walked into a few jobs the next day to find appliances missing like stoves, fridge, washer'dryers,etc...) So the paint ends up in the cold van all night and it's super thick the next day, especially the exterior paint we use(durons weathershield, which is almost as bad as their signature series we use for painting over oil trim, which is like painting with water, a whole other story). Anyway, I was using a wooster ultrapro med-firm, but since I'm still trying to find my fav, i just bought a purdy xl glide 3in angled brush, but I havent got to use it yet. It's softer than the wooster and it seems like a firmer bristle would leave more strokes like I'm talking seeing. I figured out some of the marks are from not cutting in right, like if theres no crown and Im cutting in a ceiling and wall at the same time and the brush hits where I painted before, the marks show up, I can just pull those out though and learn a lil more brush control, but I can still see marks from where I lift the brush from the wall. Happens outdoors to with duron weathershield alot, but this dries up better and is barely noticeable with two coats, my customer rarely cares about durability or coverage as long as it looks better(cheap ass property managers) and will rent. But I want my own work to look good regardless, esp if its my own sidework.
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