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Hello everyone,
Been a while since I spent anytime on a message board but this seems like a great place to interact with people who use products some of us help formulate in general Industrial Coatings. Mostly two part Architectural in the harshest environments. I am originally from Aguilares Texas near Laredo. I am an Air Force Veteran where I began my training as a wso. After school I began my career in the accounting field with a minor in computer science. In 1993 I bought an investment property. I didn't know a latex from an oil base. But I was broke after that fire sale purchase and had to learn to paint. I had a friend with a micro biology degree who was hired on one day and after his boss told him once he got his masters they could jack his pay up to 28K a year. He handed the guy his badge right there and then and began a career at Sherwin Williams as an Industrial Paint Chemist. He helped me on that project and many after. After a few years I was hooked. You can study all kinds of sciences and technologies in the coatings world and I have been hooked ever since. We have three stores in Texas and are the warranty center for anything industrial that sprays. Basically if it sprays and has a warranty card and breaks we fix it. We maintain factories for AKZO Toyota and provide heavy use coatings for off shore platforms and oil rigs in South Texas. I specialize in Bonding Technology. Actually researching flouro carbon re-enforced silicone injected poly urethane. The next step when epoxy and aliphatics are not enough. I would be interested in speaking or reading all I can as they have tested out so good. Way beyond my expectations. Not selling !
Just want to be able to talk the lingo to clients or applicators.

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Welcome to PT!

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I take it you represent Sherwin William's industrial line of coatings? Looking forward to your input.

Would the following be considered a polysiloxane? "Actually researching flouro carbon re-enforced silicone injected poly urethane."
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