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Almost time to start looking back at the year, maybe dig up the goals thread from the beginning of the year!

Here are some questions you may want to ask,

How much business will be sold, built and collected by December 31?
What will be your net profit?
What will be your Gross Profit?
What will be your Gross Margin?
What will be the total owner’s compensation?

More here.......

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I've found, both personally and with others, that a business plan as extensive as Michael Stone suggests tends to collect dust. That is, if it ever gets completed. I used to write a 20-page plan each year and it was a lot of wasted effort.

Several years ago I simplified the process and now my plan consists of bullet points that include revenue goal, leads required, marketing, and other key actions. I break this down by month. I then have a list of what actions I need to take each month.

I agree with Michael that we need to consider many other issues, such as assessing our market and analyzing our business, but I haven't found much value in writing page after page on these issues. Again, a few bullet points will generally suffice.

Brian Phillips
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