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By the way... I have cancer.

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Was doing an estimate yesterday, and right before I gave the quote, the lady says....."by the way...I have cancer".....I was like....a..ahhhhhh...sorry to here that... what was I suppose to say?...did she think that was going to affect the quote? ( It might affect the payment options). She was without a doubt trying to use her sickness as a leverage for getting a better price.
What has the world come to......Next I'll here..

By the way.....My farther just passed away.... (and in this tough time... were thinking of having the house washed and repainted)
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I completed a job on Sat. afternoon and the customer and her husband were in a bad auto accident that night, she died and he was hospitalized for several days.
Another job the customer wasn't feeling well one morning, he went to hospital that afternoon while we were at lunch, daughter called later that day saying he had passed away. We completed what we could, clean up and cleared out.
Both jobs paid within two to three weeks.
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