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Cabott solid stain

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I bidding multiple decks for a few property management company's, like 80 of them..was going to use Cabott solid oil stain, because I like the product and have had good success with it.To help get the job, I figure I'd sweeten the pot with a warranty, so I contacted my Cabott rep and asked how long he'd back up the product. He said 2 summers on vertical application but no warrenty on a deck?. I found that quite surprising, because how can I warranty my craftsmanship, If I can't even warranty the product for at least a year?
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Sikkens baby...Sikkens!!

We go through a LOT of Sikkens up here in Fargo...
* Mainly the semi-transp SRD for decks...
* And the Log & Siding for siding...

For your solid deck(s), try the Rubbol DEK.
Assuming good prep, and dry lumber, this stuff rules!

In Cabot, we tint a lot of the solid Latex for decks...the 1800 base-series.

We haven't heard anyway...

Haven't heard anything of any Rubbol DEK problems up here anyway...

We go thru SO much more Sikkens Semi-trans. than the solid anyway.

The few people who DO use the Sikkens solid are rabid fans of it though!

1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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