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Calibrating the eyeball method of estimating

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For my interior repaints, I always have eyeballed the job to get a time and material estimate and worked up a bid from there. The last job I looked at, I measure the wall sq. footage in addition to eyeballing it and crunched the numbers, and it turns out that my eyeball is very accurately calibrated to a production rate of 200 sq. ft. of wall per hour. What production rates do you use for repaint work, including your typically light set-up and light repair (nail holes, a few dings, etc)?
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Eye balling to me is relying on the numbers that I have repeated over and over. I believe I have stated before most of what we do is not rocket science. 12x15x8,12x15x10,12x15 x12,etc... How much furniture to move etc... P I A Factor. Repetition tends to promote confidence. I truly can't remember the last time I used a tape measure. Except for measuring wheel for property walls
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