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Window Glazing

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Can you glaze windows proficiently?

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I haven't met too many guys who push this service, obviously the majority of guys would be working on older homes with old sash
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I like to use an assortment of glazing- For the old school houses i try to use DAP33; IMO, I am convinced they changed the formula tho and it is not nearly as good of a product as it was 10 years ago plus it seems that it attracts mildew quickly.

I try to use only Aqua-glaze nowadays unless they are really old windows. You know, the 1960, 70s windows with alluminium tracks usually- that the owners are too cheap to replace and just "want to get a few more years out of". Aqua-glaze, if applied properly , doesn't crack like i hear many painters say it will around here.

The DAP in a caulking tube is a great product for longevity and durability but it can look horrible unless done in a painstakingly neat manner. Also , if you don't paint it quickly it will turn an awful yellow color.

I'll be checkingSarco out as I always seem to have glazing to do every year.
AquaGlaze Cracking

How do you apply that AquaGlaze so it does not crack.

Here in Maine we find that it tends to crack, though we may use it to fill in short sections of missing putty where we are doing spot repairs and have to get it painted quickly.

John Leeke
Portland, Maine
Historic HomeWorks
How do you apply that AquaGlaze so it does not crack./quote]

1. Use fresh Aqua-glaze - it can dry up even on the store shelves
2. Throw a golf to tennis ball size blob in a SLIGHTLY damp towel or rag.
3. Use a angled putty knife- Embee makes a great one
4. It dries out very quickly so you can only take what you need out of the rag
5. one sash piece at a time, don't clean up until it sets (hour min.) and do not use a damp rag to clean and don't dip your putty knife in water until the sash bead is complete. The water makes it crack quickly.
6. Prime with 1-2-3 but i bet any exterior acrylic primer would work well or even oil but i've never tried that over aqua-glaze.

Seems to work for me unless i am forgetting a step. Hope this helps

i do a lot of glazing. At the Carlise War College in pa we did maybe30 historic homes that had lead paint on them we ahad to burn the paint scape out all glazing and reglaze. Each sash Had 12 pains and each home had aprox. 25 windows
dont mind it, just use the glaze in the caulk tube with the square angled end, makes it a breeze and tight.

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