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can't wash off metal

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I have to pressure wash some 5000sq of exterior metal that has been painted 6-7 years ago before I can repaint it.

I rented a 3500 psi power wash machine and I get as close as 1 inch to the metal but it still doesn't get all the dirt and crap off. Only cleans about 80%.

I get all wet and my eyes dirty when I finish only a few feet. I can't even use protection glasses cuz they get dirty and foggy immediately.

Any suggestions?
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first, identify the dirt and grime on the substrate. Then you can figure out the best cleaner. You should have to be getting so close with your wand, that will take forever to clean that much metal. If you are cleaning it with just water and there is some kind of grease or oil on it, the water will not take it off no matter how close you get.
MAK we just must be on the same wavelength, huh?
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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