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Castle Painting to Turd Polishing!

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Saying hello to all my comrads in the business. found this site surfin the web and gotta say I like it. Been painting mostly new residential and little commercial stuff bout 18 yrs. This is a business you can never learn enough about and forums like this come in handy. I have made lotta cash for lotta contractors over the years and I finally decided the checks should be made out to me! Still workin on my site and been marketing my tail off but it is a tuffy in these parts. Lotta low ballers and residential builders took a 35% hit this year. Some hard work ahead of me in these parts. I have already read lotta good posts here and Im sure Ill be round for a min.

My theory is if anything holds still long nuff I'll paint it!​
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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