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caulk and stain

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On exteriors, who smooths the caulk with stain/paint rather than their finger, and why?

Today, I was forced to use my paint brush and some pro vt to smooth caulk between cedar facia and brick.
It sucked. I'd not caulk there anyway.
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Did you do it that was cause the guy your helping out told you to do it that way??? If so maybe its time to move on :)
It is time to move on. And I don't like playing the horn section for some other band. Right now, I don't have any of my own work, being from out of state and all. But I'd sure like to do better than this. Far right wing banter, talk radio all day and getting paid on Mondays just makes 8 hours of scraping downright unappealing. Matter of fact, I think I'm done scraping houses for good.

My outlook is that you don't caulk the bottom edge of facia to begin with. If water or ice or anything gets back there, it needs to fall out.

Just wondered if anyone else has heard of this method of caulking. Yeah, I think we've all been in a position to do something like this as a last minute touch up, but the whole dang house?

Thanks for opening this up for me to rant. I'll make it through another day tomorrow. But if I have to wait until after the holiday to get paid......I'll need another thread.
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Gables have a 6" wide board against the brick up to the shingles. On that, against the shigles, is a 2" board.

Front and back have a 6" with another 4" below that making 10" board caulked where they meet, about an inch below the denil. The top are 2" boards against the shingles. I just call it all facia. That part is all done. Getting close to wrapping it up.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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