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Cedit Cards

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I was considering taking credit cards. I'm not if the cost would be worth it.
I've only had maybe 3 people ask and its never kept me from getting a job.
Any input would be great
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I agree with Brian and Rich. I started accepting them a few years ago, I am not sorry I did. Sometimes might not use it all month, then the next month will run 4 or 5 jobs or more on it. As they pointed out, it really helps with credibility, and I have found it a valuable tool for upsells, and for those that are "on the fence" about having a job done. They might not want to part with the cash because things are tight, but when I tell them I take credit cards, thats all they need to hear.

Yes, it costs a little a month, but it is a justified business expense, and has more than been worth it over the years. I especially like it for deposits, they call and want to schedule a job, I tell them they can mail me a check for the deposit and I will put them on the schedule when I receive it, or I can take a credit card for the deposit right over the phone and put them on the schedule right now. Most are in a hurry, so they opt for the credit card.
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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