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Cigarette smoke

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I've gotta 5 bedroom house cathedral ceilings it has slight cigarette smell. New owner he's gettin' all new carpet and ducts cleaned. I need to seal it in I know I should probably use binz or some other shellac but it doesn't seam to be that bad (no yellowing ) What do you think about using something a little easier like 123?
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Could be ok with problock just for smells sake, if it isn't that bad.. may want to test a wall with a little tsp to make sure though... could be all carpet.
Thanks, That's kinda what I thought too but I think Pro block wouldn't hurt. I allready got the job just havin second thoughts about not using something heavier. It's good to get another opinion

I second the problock. It's a great primer for smoke or soot issues. 123 will work, but problock is specifically designed for this issue :thumbsup:

good luck
I sold a job like that this week. We're going to prime the walls and ceilings. We will tint the primer for the walls. We'll use ProBlock.

Brian Phillips
I'd normally use Cover Stain
(Zinsser's oil-based)
...what's pro block? of them there Shermy Willy products?
Oh Martha...oil based products are so 2005. :lol:
Oh Martha...oil based products are so 2005. :lol:
Well I've been....indisposed for a while
Damit you made me go and google it

ProBlock IS an oil-based primer/sealer

yeah martha...I was referring to the latex, sorry, I should have specified

your dazzling eyes distracted me :blush:
My advice...

Buy the best stuff you can... charge the customer... it's just not worth the risk to save money on paint! (I might be a bit biased
Well I've been....indisposed for a while
The radiance of your beauty is exceeded only by your wonderous charm.
I'm not sure I'd trust latex to seal nic stains

...and flattery won't get you a pack of smokes
(but a pack of smokes will get you you some payback)

You can trust me when I say the latex problock does not mess around...I recommend using some for your next tough job. You will be pleasantly suprised.
I have used other prep rite products and been impressed
-one was a black ceiling I made white again

I'll take your recommendation and try it next time I would use oil for blocking
Latex Problock fine unless really noticeable yellowing from smoke.
Then I would have to clean first and use oil base if still concerned.
ICI sells a product called gripper. It is a water base primer great for smoke stains. It has a satin finish so could be used as a finish coat as well.
I've used many of the the SW pro-block primers. I keep a fiver on hand at all times. Its heavy paint, and covers/blocks well. Well worth the money.

...the the SW pro-block primers. I keep a fiver on hand at all times. Its heavy paint, and covers/blocks well....
Heavy like it paints like Elmer's Glue?
I think I used some of that over black to paint white
One coat primer two coats white you'd never know it was once black
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