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Clear coat UV protection for colors.

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I have zar exterior oil and krylon clear coat on-hand. Am sealing acrylics that will be in the full sun A LOT.
Anybody have specific experience with uv blocking, color protecting clear coat? I don't care about yellowing.
Also, I know what the labels read, just curious if anyone else has been as interested in protecting color and seen something hold up over the years.
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I've not seen a (true) clear with actual (not just marketing hype) UV protection
I've not seen one hold up for years, either
Unless you mean like two... m a y b e three....

Why do you need to seal acrylics?
usually when doing any kind of decorative painting outside, it has to be sealed.
Ah...makes sense
I'll ask my muralist
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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