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commercial bidding

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commercial estimating

anybody have pricing per foot for base molding or a square foot charge for walls?
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what size is the base molding, how many coats, and what is the material you are using?

are the walls sprayed, backrolled, or brush and roll? how many coats?

I'll give youy a couple numbers to play with but I have to caution you that they are based on very general production and rate numbers. I do estimating for a few contractors and usually get all my numbers (take-offs) then apply certain production rates and then plug in their rates and profit margins.

Try these numbers on a typical 10'x12'x8' room and see if it works

for 2 coats on 8" base (no filling nail holes) $2.50/ft

for 3 coats on drywall - $.70/sf

let me know what you get I'm curious

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I hate to be obtuse but there's a couple factors that determine how much I get for estimating. Some of the other members could probably help in this regard much better than me

There are 2 commercial contractors I do estimating for. In most cases I actually go to the site (when required) meet with the representatives, go over the plans, ask the questions, make the calls, and then run the numbers. In those cases I am on the clock and have an hourly figure ,$--.00/hr

In a strict case of simply looking at plans, doing a take-off and then crunching some numbers you will probably have to look at some type of graduated system based on job size. I just did a 20k interior commercial remodel estimate that took about 8 hours due to numerous clarifications. It was a fairly complex project. Other 20k jobs might take me 2-4 hours.

A system somewhere around 1% with a bonus for landing the job would probably work - run the numbers and see. It obviously depends upon your region, competition, and profit margins.

Hope this helps. If i can be of any help drop me a private email. I do consulting on a number of areas including safety and management.

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