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Company shirt.

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Do any of you have it?
Where is a good place to have it made/oder?

I don't want just a t-shirt with a company name on it.
I want a polo style shirt... maybe Red.:thumbup:
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I'm lucky because my cousin owns a clothing business. Although it is rather local so I can't help ya in that area. But i have to say, I take pride in that logo on my shirt, truck, etc. and why not wear it while your working. Who knows, Joe Smith might be walking his dog one day while your painting some windows, see "Bla Bla Painting" on the back of your shirt and go home look you up. You would be surprised where some leads come from
This year, I am going to put more money into marketing my company. I will get a nice sign on my truck, buy some ad...

In addition, I want to be my own walking advertising sign. A nice polo shirt with a company name/logo on it to create nice professional image...:yes:
Find a local shop
Support local businesses
After all, you are one
You can find one not too expensive
Maybe they'll need or refer your services someday
I like the idea of supporting local business.:yes:
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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