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I haven't talked to my web designer about my problem yet but i'd like to share it with you guys and tell me what you think about it or what would you do.

Im on google and type is some keywords to see if our seo is working and I stumble accross a competitors website 30 miles from me. Hey ripped of our FAQ section which we removed from our site like 60 days ago, and he took our home page content and used it. Take a look for yourself. Here is his website homepage

and ours is

Please share your thoughts I am not happy at all. It may be a little different if this guy was in Texas but he's 30 miles away and completely rips of my entire home page content.

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I don't see the similarities either
Other than some basic "templating" stuff

The content they removed, however, I wouldn't be surprised if they lifted it from your site
Content theft is common
It's common among small businesses (doing their own ads without ad/marketing depts. or under contract), and common on the web
People forget or ignore if it's online (or an ad in a magazine), it's not "free" for the taking

It's always a good idea to copyright your content
It's as simple as writing Copyright 2007 by Slickshift at the bottom
(now if anyone hits the quote button I can sue^^^)

If you have a really good idea, it may be worth registering your content (a registered copyright)
If you are licensing content, you can't copyright it yourself, but let the licenser know if you find it somewhere else
It may be licensed to them also (if you don't have an exclusive license), or it may be ripped off
If you are licensing content, make sure you know if you are paying for exclusive, area/region exclusive, or non-exclusive licenses
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