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first of all, what a great web forum, especially for someone like me who paints part time. i have a question and apologies if this has come up a hundred times before. does one have to be licensed or union or bonded or something to get a discount on paint and supplies? when i'm not teaching, i paint on vacations and through the summer. any advice appreciated.

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Welcome to the site part-time painter
The different Paint Stores will have different criteria
Some will have better discounts for cash only or pay-as-you-go accounts, some for monthly/quarterly/yearly purchase volume levels
Some...all of the above
You'll have to ask at the specific store

Also...don't just go by the % of discount
A 25% discount doesn't help much if the store's list prices are 30% more than the store down the road that gives you a 10% discount off of their more reasonable prices
And, as always, the better service is well worth spending some extra money on products
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