DeWalt Quick Vac Hack
If you already own the DeWalt line of cordless tools then this hack is a no-brainer. If you are looking for a cordless, dustless sander for basic sanding needs, this might be worth considering.

When portability is paramount...
Both the vacuum and the sander are almost always at my job-sites, so adding the (admittedly overpriced) Universal Connector to the toolbox means that there will always be a dustless sander on hand. Having a cordless “Dustless Sander” in a small package means it will be available when needed.

Tools Needed:
DeWalt Universal Connector
DeWalt Cordless Vac
DeWalt Cordless Sander

Extension Hose w/Shop Vac Adapter - can be cut to any length.
Comes with Shop Vac Connector on one side, and Standard 1 1/4" fitting on the other.

Step 1: Unscrew the standard 1.25" connector from the hose by twist clockwise (as pictured):

Step 2: Replace end with the Universal Connector (it screws onto the hose counterclockwise).

Step 3: Remove stock dust collector ( twist to remove)

Step 4: Replace with Universal Connector + Vac Hose (push to attach, then twist-lock)


Option: Add an extension hose (comes w/ Shop Vac Adapter) for use with Shop Vac - can be cut to desired length.